One step combo test for the differential detection of CDV Ag, CIV Ag, and CAV2 Ag in canine.

CDV / CAV2 Ag (10 Tests)

    1. GenBody test device individually foil-pouched with a desiccant
    2. Assay solution in tube
    3. Disposable dropper
    4. Sterilized swab
    5. Instruction manual for use
  • ตัวอย่าง Secretion of eye mucus(the conjunctives) and nasal discharge
    ตรวจวินิจฉัย Canine Distemper Virus antibody and Canine Adenovirus Antigen
    Sensitivity 99.2% and 97.0%
    Specificity 99.5% and 98.0%
    หน่วยบรรจุ 1 Test device X 10/kit
    อายุการเก็บรักษา 24 M



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