Feline calicivirus (FCV) is one of the most frequently reported pathogens causing upper respiratory tract and oral disease in cats. Following FCV infection, most cats develop acute respiratory disease and oral ulceration

Test Kit FCV Ag 'GenBody'

฿2,400.00 ราคาปกติ
    1. GenBody test device individually foil-pouched with a desiccant
    2. Assay solution in tube
    3. Disposable dropper
    4. Sterilized swab
    5. Instruction manual for use
  • ตัวอย่าง Secretion of eye mucus(the conjunctives) and nasal discharge
    ตรวจวินิจฉัย Feline calicivirus antigens
    Sensitivity 95.4% (vs. PCR)
    Specificity 98.0% (vs. PCR)
    หน่วยบรรจุ 1 Test device X 10/kit
    อายุการเก็บรักษา 24 M



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